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    Chroniques des corps en mouvement

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    NDD#89 – Plongée en enfance. Du regard à la pratique

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    The Contredanse dance documentation centre was established in 1989 to spread the word about the history of dance, support learning and research, create a repository and challenge the archiving and transmission of dance.

    Its document collection has grown over time, especially with respect to Contredanse’s key themes: improvisation, composition, transmission, somatic practices and the history of contemporary dance.

    It also showcases the dance heritage of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

    Nouvelles de danse

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    Contredanse Editions

    Contredanse Editions has published over fifty titles on dance and the choreographic arts. It plays a role in disseminating contemporary dance culture in the francophone world by connecting that culture to its history.

    The publications are intended as a vehicle for entering into dialogue with those engaged in experimenting with the body, on stage and in the studio. They provide numerous resources for dance creation and theory: anatomical studies, creative processes, traditional and emerging dance practices, modes of transmission and feedback, and accounts of dance experiences, among others.

    Contredanse Editions catalog includes a variety of books in print, digital and audio formats, as well as DVDs and web apps, on dance in its many forms. For close to 30 years, the publishing house has followed the editorial line of giving voice to dancers, choreographers and those who “do” dance, as well as providing a showcase for specific types of language and knowledge.


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