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    Centre de documentation Éditions Contredanse Médiation

    La danse à livre ouvert

    On the occasion of Danses en fête, Contredanse invites you to La danse à livre ouvert, a series of exploratory afternoons from April 24 to 28. Discussions, practical workshops, professional encounters, urban walks, and second-hand book sales will shape this week, which will highlight Contredanse’s activities related to dance, its history and its various resources. […]
    Éditions Contredanse Médiation

    Installation – Re.Dancing

    Baptiste Andrien & Florence Corin in collaboration with Lisa Nelson  Housed within the festival LEGS and all along it, the installation Re.Dancing is the outcome of research on the software Touché – Real Time Video Editing Playground undertaken by Contredanse with American choreographer Lisa Nelson. Two video game consoles and a screen. Through this simple and participative device, the audience are invited […]
    Balade guidée Mediation

    Guided walk – Pour commencer, tout en perception.

    Discover the history of dance in a playful and interactive way and explore unique places in Brussels with the mobile application Si t’y danses-balades urbaines! At each step of the walk, a quote about dance appears on your smartphone, revealing a poetic, political or social dimension of this art of movement. After placing the quote […]


    Atelier Centre de documentation Mediation

    Partage de lectures en mouvement

    To develop reading in movement and to allow the tuning of the word to the motion. A book will be proposed for appropriation in order to nourish the articulation between orality and movement. In solo, duo or collective, this intergenerational workshop proposes to share a moment of reading of writings on dance. The perceptions and […]


    Mediation Rencontre

    How to talk about dance in school?

    How to talk about dance and its historical developments? How can we de-dramatize its approach for a wide audience, and more particularly for school classes? And inversely, how to use dance to address questions that touch on school subjects. These recurring questions have led Charleroi Danse, in partnership with Contredanse, to develop an educational package […]



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