WEB-APP : Anna Halprin, Dancing Life / Danser la vie

Authors : Anna Halprin, Baptiste Andrien, Florence Corin

Language : EN, FR

Translation : Denise Luccioni

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2014, 2022

The online interactive publication www.dancing-life.com traces the work and teaching of American dancer Anna Halprin through more than 6 hours of video content.

Price :  25.00

American dancer Anna Halprin has been disrupting the dance world since the 1950s, linking creation to community, the environment and Earth itself. The recording of an entire workshop, numerous archives and original interviews uncover the path of her artistic career and biography as well as a tutorial of the method she developed under the label of Life / Art Process. This 6 hour long interactive WEB-APP: Anna Halprin, Dancing Life / Danser la vie allows viewers to discover and to deepen the knowledge of the work and teachings of Anna Halprin. This is the technological adaptation of the DVD-ROM under the same name, published in 2014 by Contredanse Editions.

Interface and web development by Emeric Florence , Nils Lopez – OQTO Tech, Sébastien Vanvelthem.


Anna Halprin – Dancing Life / Danser la vie – WEB-APP: www.dancing-life.com

→ Anna Halprin – Dancing Life / Danser la vie – Trailer


Extracts from the WEP-APP :

Anna Halprin, Dancing Life


Anna Halprin, Dancing Life


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