De l’une à l’autre – composer apprendre et partager en mouvements

Authors : Collective publication

Language : FR

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Number of pages : 320

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

EAN : 9782930146324

Price :  28.00

From movement to drawing, from sensation to speech, this collective work questions dance and its translation processes. Dancers, choreographers, teachers and researchers present their practices and working methods, which illustrate these passages from one medium to another. Interviews, unpublished texts, scores and original examples of notation systems testify to the multiple facets of dance: its resources, its modes of composition, both individual and collective, its tools of communication and reflection.

With Janet Adler, F. Matthias Alexander, Thierry Bae, Art Becofsky, Dominique Boivin, Carla Bottiglieri, Melissa Borgmann, Walter Carrington, Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Robert Ellis Dunn, Simone Forti, Lila Greene, Myriam Gourfink, Anna Halprin, Daria Halprin Lawrence Halprin, Patricia Kuypers, Rudolf Laban, Thomas Lehmen, Liz Lerman, Laurence Louppe, Denise Luccioni, Lisa Nelson, Steve Paxton, Mathias Poisson, François Raffinot, Julie Salgues, Norah Zuniga Shaw, Joan Skinner, Arlette Streri

> LISTEN to the interview with Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin on the occasion of the release of the book De l’une à l’autre, France Culture, A plus d’un titre, 15 July 2011.