Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner was co-editor Writings on Dance journal, 1985-2012. Her doctoral dissertation (2004) on social, philosophical and phenomenological aspects of dance-making relationships in American modern dance, drew on her experience as a dancer in London, New York and Australia where, from the late 1970s, she danced with Dancework (UK) Robert Kovich, Judy Moss, and Sara and Jerry Pearson (NYC), Dance Works (Melbourne) and Russell Dumas (Sydney). She writes on dance practices in arts and humanities forums, and translated Laurence Louppe’s Poétique de la Danse Contemporaine (Contredanse Editions 1996) into English (Dance Books 2010). Her translations also include ‘The Virginity of President Schreber’ by Luce Irigaray (in Sexuality and Medicine, Xlibris 2003) and ‘Habit and Change: Discovering the Present’ by Marie Bardet and Isabelle Ginot (Writings on Dance 25, 2012). She is the translator of Hubert Godard’s A Breath (Contredanse Editions 2022).


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