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    Chris Crickmay originally trained as an architect, before moving into writing and installation design, specializing in the creation of interactive stage devices combining art and dance. He has long worked in higher education in the UK. As Professor of Art and Design, he spent eight years at the Open University, thirteen years as Head of the Art and Design Department at Dartington University (where he taught the “Art and Social Context” module he originally created), and ten years as Senior Lecturer at Bristol University. His ongoing interest in creative strategies and the relationship between art and life is reflected in his research and teaching. He has collaborated on a number of live art projects, including the Promenades series – mainly gallery pieces – with dancer Eva Karczag and musician Sylvia Hallett. He also collaborates with Swedish choreographer Ellen Kilsgaard, notably on the current project Light Dark Light Heavy, a solo for a dancer carrying a light source in an acoustic environment created by sound artist Sharon Stewart.


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