Corps, espace, image

By : Chris Chrickmay, Miranda Tufnell

Language : French

Translation : Elise Argaud

Topics : Writings by artists

Format : Book

Number of pages : 224 pages

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2014

EAN : 9782930146379

This reference manual offers a wealth of explorations and scores to stimulate the creativity of the body in movement.

Price :  28.00

Corps, espace, image is an invitation to experiment, an invitation to break with daily and cultural habits: first, starting with the body and its inner movements, then opening up to space, sounds, objects and others. Each page is an exploration, an encounter with the unexpected. The authors, Miranda Tufnell and Chris Crickmay, invite us to observe the parameters of each situation, discover the resources available and define the creative processes, both personal and collective, needed to set a project in motion.

Abundantly illustrated with works by artists who have marked the history of dance, painting, literature, theater and photography, this book stimulates the imagination and invites action. At the crossroads of dance and the other arts, Corps, espace, image is a working tool, a source of inspiration and a travel companion for everyone, from amateurs to specialists.


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