Nouvelles de danse n° 17 : A l’écoute du corps

Nouvelles de danse N°80

By : Collective publication

Language : French

Topics : History and theory

Format : PDF

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

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Nouvelles de danse n° 17 : A l’écoute du corps

“The fact that dance is ultimately the ideal means of communication for bringing attention to the life of a neighborhood disrupted by real-estate operations is a perfect illustration of our European meeting Autres pas 1993, “A l’écoute du corps”, a summary of the proceedings of which we publish in this issue. Nouvelles de danse too, although enlarging its format and swelling its volume, wishes to remain above all a communication tool, not even a medium, but a simple instrument, of artistic thought, information and expression.”

From the editorial by Patricia Kuypers, October 1993.

With texts by Patricia Kuypers (“Autres pas 1993”), Dominique Dupuy (“Ouverture. La précellence de l’écoute”, “Faire machine avant”), Aline Gélinas (“Danse et mime”), Steve Paxton (“Fall after Newton”), Jacques Schotte (“La sphère du sentir”), Michel Bernard (“Sens et fiction”), Hubert Godard and Laurence Louppe (“Synthèse I et Synthèse II”), Luc Petton (“Echo d’un participant”), Jean-louis Lambeau (“Autres mots”).

This issue also includes texts by Dominique Dupuy (“L’inventeur d’interprètes”), Laurence Louppe (“Voyage dans l’oeuvre de Trisha Brown”, “Trisha Brown nous dit le nom de ses maîtres”) and Lise Brunel (“Alwin Nicolais. The art of Motion”).