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  • Carla Bottiglieri

    After completing a Master’s degree in Classics at the University of Salerno and a Master’s degree in Performing Arts at the University of Paris 8, Carla Bottiglieri pursued her research in the field of somatic movement disciplines, analyzing the aesthetic, clinical and political dimensions of knowledge and practices of the body based on the teaching of Hubert Godard.
    As a member of the “somatics and politics” team in the dance department of Université Paris 8, she has collaborated on projects to introduce somatic practices into the healthcare sector, as well as on projects to analyze methods from critical and epistemological perspectives. Her ethico-political reading of somatics borrows notions of use and mediality from Giorgio Agamben’s philosophy, which she links to the historical construction of methods and their elaboration of modes of subjectivation against the backdrop of the first crises of Western modernity.
    Her dance career is marked by fundamental artistic encounters with Lucia Latour, Claudia Castellucci and Lisa Nelson, and punctuated by collaborations with choreographers and theatrical collectives: Gaëlle Bourges, Kinkaleri, Ueinzz.
    A Body Mind Centering® teacher and Rolfing® practitioner, her work continues today at minima somatica, an independent nucleus of infrasomatic research founded with Thomas Greil in Faenza, Italy.


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