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A Breath

Auteur.e : Hubert Godard

With the collaboration of Charlotte Hess et Claudia Righini. Translating : Sally Gardner

  • Catégories: Livres / Books
  • Langue: EN
  • Format: All Types
  • Nombre de pages: 48 pages
  • Maison d'édition : Éditions Contredanse
  • EAN : 9782930 146461
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A Breath


This booklet recalls a practical session during which practitioner and theoretician Hubert Godard shares with a patient his vibrant approach to breathing. He makes available to us the fruits of his passionate research into the sources of human movement.

Tags: analyse du mouvement dansé | Charlotte Hess | Claudia Righini | Hubert Godard | pratique somatique | respiration | rolfing


Hubert Godard: The first step would be to forget that you are breathing. Air is already in you, it’s enough to open to the environment. There’s no need to take hold of it.

Lucien: It’s so diffcult for me to hear ‘there’s no need to take hold of it’. Because, actually, in my imagination, I associate not actively drawing in breath with suffocating. If I could trust…

Hubert Godard: Yes, there is a question of trust at the heart of breathing.

Lucien: But who or what, then, is breathing?

Hubert Godard: Life! You can finally see life at work, a rare moment when you bear witness to its unfolding. Something breathes in you, peacefully.

Like philosophers of antiquity for whom teaching was in service to a way of life, Hubert Godard proposes that we approach breath ‘in the live’ in order to understand the extent to which breathing is a function of our postural attitude in relation to our milieu, the environment.

With the collaboration of Charlotte Hess and Claudia Righini.

Translated by Sally Gardner

A Breath, extract pages 20 – 21

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