Poétique de la danse contemporaine. La suite

By : Laurence Louppe

Language : French

Topics : History and theory

Format : Book

Number of pages : 180 pages

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2007

EAN : 9782930146270

From the mid-1990s onwards, the art historian and critic Laurence Louppe has identified a renewal of dance, where the works manifest “the determination of choreographic artists to break with aesthetic conventions, with the norms that were imposed on them by tradition, laziness, or programming”.

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Poétique de la danse contemporaine. La suite is  in the extension of the previous work of Laurence Louppe, The Poetics of Contemporary Dance. The author, who specializes in the aesthetics of dance and the visual arts, gives us an idea of the nature of these different choreographic approaches.


About the publication:

→ Listen to Laurence Louppe in 1994, invited by Gérard Gromer, in Le gai savoir – Laurence Louppe (France Culture).

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