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    Open-air exhibition – Jardin Hélène De Rudder

    Exposition à ciel ouvert au Jardin Hélène de Rudder
    The open-air exhibition is back in October 2023 !

    Hanging in the wind, the photographs bring a bit of dance history alive. Here, for the Jardin Hélène De Rudder, next to the Centre culturel Jacques Franck, four of its draperies start dancing in October 2023. The jump of a man emerges from Patricia Kuypers’ duet Extases, created for the camera in 1988, to join the plunge of Bud Blumenthal in 24 Haikus, from 1996, composed as a suite of short choreographic poems. 

    In front of them hangs a dancing back from the creation Châteaux en Espagne of Michèle Anne De Mey created in 1991, in dialogue with Simone Forti, an American postmodern dancer whose book Manuel en mouvement was published in French by Contredanse in 2000.

    Until the 25th of November in the Jardin Hélène De Rudder, 11 rue de Rome 1060 Saint-Gilles or via the Centre culturel Jacques Franck.

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