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    Real-time Video Editing Playground.

    This real-time video editing software translates the dance practice into a video experience. With the touch of a finger, one can manipulate a stream of pre-recorded video/audio. With all the tools of filmic editing (play, reverse, make loops, reframe, pause, wipe, superimpose, split screen, etc.), one can make a film in real time that can be recorded and instantly replayed. One’s fingers on the screen or trackpad express the micro-movements of one’s attention. Following one’s desire to recompose an event, to reframe it rhythmically, to bring out a new meaning. A subtle dialogue arises between the player’s desires and the instructions inherent in the content of the video clip.

    In the act of spontaneously recomposing an audiovisual sequence, we reveal the richness of the sound, rhythmic and movement events contained within it. The physical experience of touching the image (touching the movement) shares parameters with the choreographic art and asks Nelson’s elementary question: “What are we looking at when we are looking at dance?

    The application is multi-functional—a learning tool for dancers and filmmakers; an aid for movement analysis and repatterning; a choreographic composition tool; a game for free play. It is ultimately our own gaze that we encounter, our own way of composing our attention and imagination in order to make sense of our experience.

    The game is pre-loaded with video clips that offer a wide range of content. The software itself is designed to offer users the option to upload their own video material.

    It will be released during the year 2023, announced on Contredanse website.


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