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    3D Tuning Game

    —a 3D application, for one and 2 players in a 3D Tuning Game network

    As the computer has become a universally shared image space and the affinity of virtual space to actual is nearly commonplace, we discover there can be little difference of kinesthetic sensation between moving one’s own body in space and moving a 3D object with one’s touch on a screen or trackpad.

    On the screen, a group of objects are placed on a platform. Through the touch of their fingers, players are invited to “take charge” of these objects and to compose together. Playfulness is enhanced by being in a “sensitive” virtual environment in which a tiny movement of one object may have an impact on several objects. Accidents abound.

    Each player freely explores the identity of an object, its shape, its weight, its behavior, its movement in space, light, gravity, composition in space, point of view—many choreographic parameters—in response to the actions and proposals of the other player and the intrinsic movement of the objects themselves. The “3D Tuning Game”, much like dancing, provokes a sensory experience that reveals our innate empathy with the physical world, awakening our imagination through our senses.

    Like a Skype conversation where words have been replaced by physical actions, “3D Tuning Game” is an open game in which rules arise as the interaction takes place. Players bring into the virtual space their own expectations and experience to co-create a dance of attention, imagination and communication.

    Game developped in collaboration with François Zajéga with Godot Engine, physics engine and online multiplayer.

    Video presenting the research process on the 3D Tuning Game.
    Analogy between the GO score of Lisa Nelson, transmit during a workshop, and our reflections and experimentations during the development of prototype.

    Date of release will be announced on Contredanse website.


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