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    Tuning Games

    Games of dance, choreography and observation

    “Tuning Games is a long-envisioned project to translate my dance practice—Tuning Scores—into the accessible medium of interactive videogames.
    Stemming from my initial investigation of video technology and improvisational dance in the ’70s, and discovery of the interactive play between vision, movement, touch, and hearing underlying both, Tuning Scores evolved to offer tools of play—live actions and verbal calls—to investigate fundamental elements of performance, dance behavior, observation, and communication. This ‘live’ practice is, in essence, an aesthetic game in which we communicate our desires, our imagination, and our memory in a shared image space.”

    —Lisa Nelson

    A way to play: A participatory digital game salon

    Along with artist/publishers Baptiste Andrien and Florence Corin (Contredanse Editions, Brussels), Lisa Nelson is working on two new dance videogames that translate her choreographic approach and improvisational dance practice of Tuning Scores into the interactive digital medium.

    The participatory video/computer game salon invites the public into a hands-on interaction with the two games: Touché—Real-time Video Editing Playground & the 3D Tuning Game. The aim is to make available to a wide public the creative and playful exploration of how we see, compose, and experience dance through all our senses. The gaming environment is designed to afford the participants experiences of creative collaboration and individual and collective discovery of dance.

    Until now, the arena of ​​computer applications and video games has offered little to to the appetite of dancers and dance enthusiasts. Tuning Games uniquely demonstrate the effectiveness of digital technologies to generate an experience of dancing. Each game seeks to foreground the value of the sense of touch to our sense of movement. The Tuning Score approach makes transparent the way in which a dance is created—from the perspective of the dancer, choreographer and spectator.

    “These games are unique in their aim not only to provide tools and an environment for 
dancers and visual artists, but also to invite people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to
discover their own ways of seeing and making choices while they play in a field of movement, sound and touch.”

    —Lisa Nelson

    Dates of release will be announced on Contredanse website.


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