Gravity – Audiobook

By : Steve Paxton

Language : English

Topics : Writings by artists

Format : Audiobook

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2020

In this audiobook, Steve Paxton read his book Gravity, tracing a lifetime in the company of gravity. Gravity is the first book by this major international dancer, choreographer and teacher.

Price :  12.00

Gravity is now available as an audiobook. Through his words, silences, breaths and the turning of pages, Steve Paxton bears witness to a lifetime of experience with gravity. Childhood memories lead to meditation, dreams of dancing lead reflections, revealing the presence of the physical force that acts at the limit of the conscious mind. A unique opportunity to hear Steve Paxton discuss one of his favourite subjects and to get in tune with the rhythm of his voice!

Sound – Recording: Eliana Stroobants – Postprod: dojo mix studio/Aurelien Lebourg.


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