Espace Dynamique

Textes inédits, Choreutique et Vision de l'espace dynamique - Nouvelles de danse n° 51

By : Rudolf Laban

Language : French

Topics : History and theory

Format : Periodical

Number of pages : 304 pages

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2003

EAN : 9782930146218

Unpublished texts, Choreutics and Vision of dynamic space make up this fundamental work by Rudolf Laban and delivers his research, for the first time in French, on space and movement.

Price :  28.00

Espace Dynamique, composed of Textes inédits, Choreutics and Vision of Dynamic Space, presents Rudolf Laban’s research on space and movement for the first time in French, a journey through the essential work of this choreographer and theorist.

The publication opens with six unpublished manuscripts unearthed from the Rudolf Laban Archive. Laban Archive, illustrated with previously unpublished drawings, sketch the various spatial perspectives on Rudolf Laban’s work. These unpublished texts are from the materialization of space to living space, investigating spatial meaning or the sense of space or the sense of movement. They introduce us to his thinking and to Choreutique, Laban’s major theoretical reflection and analysis Laban’s major theoretical reflection and analysis of the harmonic relationship between space and body movement.

In this masterpiece of his work, quickly sold out in its English edition, we discover a graphic elaboration of his thinking of space. Like a kind of geometry in motion, all the elements of dance language language of dance combine to build a model for understanding the radiation of movement in space. This far-reaching is followed by the translation of Vision de l’espace dynamique, a compilation of of text extracts and drawings published post-mortem by Lisa Ullmann. Laban’s theoretical thinking is complemented here by poetic, philosophical and even mystical writings, philosophical and even mystical writings, as well as a multitude of sketches and drawings his vision of dynamic space.

So many facets that nourish the comprehensive and complex study Rudolf Laban throughout his life. Dynamic Space is thus a to be discovered or rediscovered, rooted in movement and ever current.