Danses en dormances

Authors : Marian Del Valle

Language : FR

Format : Livre

Publisher : Rhuthmos

Price :  14.00

The dance withdraws, leaves the body. In writing, I accompany its disappearance. The nymph Echo gradually dematerializes, merges with the trees, merges with the stones and the rivers. Her voice is all that remains of her body. When Eurydice retreats and finds herself dead again, what happens to her? How does the life of the dances continue once they leave the body?

Marian del Valle is a researcher, choreographer and dancer. She has a doctorate in art-dance and has taught dance theory and practice in various universities and art schools. She currently works at Contredanse, Brussels. She is also the author of Matières Vivantes. Danses-écritures en processus (Paris, Rhuthmos, 2017).

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