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    Un zeste de… #3 – Bodily Imaginaries – The somatic work of Nancy Topf

    © Yu Matsuoka

    With Melinda Buckwalter

    French translation by Aude Fondard

    In 2012, Melinda Buckwalter edited The Anatomy of Center (Contact Editions), publishing for the first time the principles of the Topf Technique® and Dynamic Anatomy as well as the historical context of the development of Release Technique. Recently translated into French by Contredanse, Nancy Topf’s The Anatomy of Center takes us on a journey to the center of the human body, exploring anatomical components through movement and images. This is what Melinda Buckwalter will propose during this webinar, bringing us from the pages of the book to the practice, from our eyes to the curves of our spine, from a heritage to a physical and sensitive experience.



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