Resource Booklet Life Art Process

Its tools in images and words

By : Liesbeth de Jong

Language : English

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Format : Book

Number of pages : 150 pages

Publisher : Self-publishing

Year of publication : 2020

EAN : 978 1678881924

This book results from the author’s personal experience studying the Life Art Process® at the Tamalpa Institute.

Price :  20.00

The Tamalpa Life Art Process® is a psychosomatic practice that uses dancing, drawing, and narrating to contribute to creativity, personal growth, and healing. The originator of this practice is dancer and pioneer Anna Halprin. Where co-founder Daria Halprin developed the bridge between movement, art, and psychology.

The book visualizes and briefly describes the Life Art Process® tools and elements. It is designed as a workbook to help you deepen your understanding of the different Life Art tools, whether you are using them in your personal growth and healing process or as part of your professional life as a Life Art Process Practitioner®. The book offers space for collecting and writing (or drawing) your insights and understandings of the practice. Through reflective questions, you are invited to reflect on the Life Art tools and your unique ways of using them. Overall, this book offers a comprehensive visual overview of the Life Art Tools and insights rooted in the author’s in-depth reflection on them.