Nouvelles de danse n° 24 : L’héritage Humphrey-Limon

By : Collective publication

Language : French

Topics : History and theory

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Publisher : Contredanse Editions

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Nouvelles de danse n° 24 : L’héritage Humphrey-Limon

On the occasion of the centenary of one of the pioneers of modern dance, the first edition in French to take stock of the fundamental contribution of the work of Doris Humphrey and José Limon to contemporary dance.

“This plunge into their universe through the words of their dancers and their own writings is an astonishing journey through a vital artistic passion like few others.
We have no direct heritage from this lineage in Belgium, although the Limon company did come to dance a few times, and many contemporary dancers use the Limon technique as a basis. But we share a stranger, more poetic bond with the choreographer. One of her first choreographies was inspired by Maurice Maeterlinck’s La vie des abeilles, which highlighted the marvel of social organization that is a beehive. It’s hardly surprising, then, that this choreographer has repeatedly chosen the workings of a society as the theme for her creations, and for whom the interplay of group composition and the relationship between soloists and groups occupies such an important place.”

Excerpt from Patricia Kuypers‘ editorial note.