Nouvelles de danse n° 19 : Danse et arts plastiques

By : Collective publication

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Nouvelles de danse n° 19 : Danse et arts plastiques

“At the turn of the century, a whole series of similarities and affinities emerged between dancers and modern painters. The important research of the Bauhaus, later continued in the context of Black Mountain College, certainly constitutes the most solid basis for an analysis of the meaning of movement language seen from a joint point of view. Here, we shall attempt to grasp what intimately links the approach of choreographers to that of visual artists. This issue’s openness to proposals from visual artists is like a call to the future realization of encounter projects, which only desire or necessity can bring to life.”

Excerpt from the introduction by Patricia Kuypers.

With texts by Daniel Dobbels (“L’ados”), Merce Cunningham (“Then I thought about Marcel”), Laurence Louppe (“Projets non identifiés”), J. Odenthal (“Sculpture en mouvement”) and interviews with Anne West and Olivier Strebelle, Trudo Engels and Thierry Smits, Serge Vandercam and Michèle Noiret.