Authors : Justine Marouzé

Language : FR

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Price :  29.90

ImproK is a game that invites to mobilize the body and discover dance.

72 cards divided into 6 colour groups that address different aspects of contemporary dance. Tracks, ideas, instructions to explore the possibilities of the body in movement while challenging your creativity!


The cards will make suggestions. Which body part can I move? How can I move? With whom? Looking for what sensation? You can play with rhythm, space, movement qualities, weight, emotions… Whatever your age or level, don’t judge yourself and have fun! Choose the length of your games; from one minute to a whole afternoon, it’s up to you.


Do you have a different idea of how to use the cards than the ones I suggest? No problem, imagination is the key!

You have in your hands a tool, not a mathematical formula. Feel free to adapt the game to your desires and needs according to your age, your level, your objectives, your physical capacities, or the space, the group…


Enjoy yourself! Play the game! Dance!