Déclinaisons du quotidien

Mettre le corps au travail

By : Agathe Dumont

Language : French

Topics : Technics and practices

Format : Book

Number of pages : 208 pages

Publisher : L’L éditions

Year of publication : 2023

EAN : 978-2-9601533-8-5

This book shares the experience of two artist-researchers, whose common approach has shaken up relationships to the body, to gesture, to thought and to research. It’s a journey that has led them to cross over into everyday life to challenge and question their own artistic and reflexive practices.

Price :  10.00

A dancer trains every day, 365 days a year, at a rate of 3 hours a day, or 1,095 hours, for an average of 40 years, or 43,800 hours. How do you fill all those hours? With what? With whom?

Getting up in the morning, getting started, putting the body to work physically, engaging it in inventive ways, improvising.

The pleasure of training a body from day to day, as a question to be unfolded over the course of a research process conducted at L’L | chercher autrement en arts vivants (Brussels).

Agathe Dumont dances, writes, researches and teaches at various art colleges. She navigates between movement, performance and circus arts. She conducts research both at the table and in the studio, and accompanies artistic projects as a dramaturge.