Danser sa vie avec l’outil hypnotique

By : Catherine Contour

Language : French

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Number of pages : 72 pages

Publisher : 369 editions

Year of publication : 2023

How can we listen to the world? Choreographer Catherine Contour has been using hypnosis in her practice for the past twenty years to renew the experience of dance. Through simple yet carefully orchestrated gestures, this technique enables us to create and build a highly emancipating relationship with ourselves, our environment and others. In an ever-accelerating society, paying attention becomes a form of resistance. Taking time is a political act.


Price :  12.00

This manual, conceived as a toolbox, offers key notions and simple exercises based on what Catherine Contour calls the “hypnotic tool”. In a new, revised and expanded edition, it explores the possibilities for setting bodies and imaginations in motion and transforming them.