Répertoire des oeuvres chorégraphiques créées en Communauté française 1975-1995

By : Béatrice Menet

Language : French

Topics : History and theory

Format : Book

Number of pages : 336 pages

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Price :  5.00

20 years of choreographic creation in the French-speaking Community of Belgium, more than 700 works listed; a profusion of choreographers and companies; a dense history; a balance sheet of great years! This work, as a repertory of all the dance shows created in the French Community, and as a history of the vitality of an art, constitutes at the same time a living memory of the choreographic impulse of these last 20 years and of the choreographers and dancers who created it, and an essential reference tool, as much for those who wish to discover the dance of the French Community, as for those who lived it and will find here testimonies, abundantly illustrated.