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    Parade is now available online!

    Discover thousands of documents from the dance documentation center on the Parade online platform.

    In 2023, Contredanse launched Parade, the platform of archive and documentation about dance, to provide wider access to the resources of its documentation centre.  In reference to the play Parade (1917) by Cocteau-Satie-Picasso-Massine or Parades and Changes (1965) by Anna Halprin, this parade against oblivion dialogues with Scapin, led by the Archives et Musée de la Littérature (AML).

    The online platform can be used to : 

    Do your research in the catalog and save in your wishlist the references of the books, articles and periodicals you wish to consult in the documentation centre.  

    Consult and watch online digital resources, dance photographs and videos for teaching and research purposes.

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