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    Exploring editing processes and choreography (workshop)

    Joanna Gruberska – MaCode 2021

    How to keep track of a dance experience? (Why ?)

    Through which senses, on which supports ? (How to compose ourselves for this activity?)

    How to organize these generated materials ? (What do we value?) 

    Is there something to learn from, worth to transmit? (Does it engage a dialog ? With our imagination ? With others ?)

    This workshop will offer scores for exploring how editing processes are at play when we dance, look at dance or attend to anything. Playing with the filters each of us has developped and culture imbued, we will feedback to each other in movement, with words, pictures, sounds, video clips, etc. about what we perceive and track. We will cycle from doing to looking at, from composing to reflecting, etc. This framework will mostly offer questions as they arise from our experiences as dancers, as editors. It will support personal and collective inquiry on the nature of our attention, on how we make decisions and uncover, « publish » them, on different formats. We will also look at different existing publications and their editorial processes.

    This workshop is fed by our editorial experiences at Contredanse Editions and by tools and materials extracted notably from the works of Lisa Nelson (Tuning Scores) and Lawrence Halprin (RSVP Cycles).

    Since 2017, this workshop is regularly held in the Master Contemporary Dance Education (MaCode) in Frankfurt. 


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