Quand voir reste un mystère

By : Sylvie Storme

Language : French

Topics : Technics and practices

Format : Book

Number of pages : 125 pages

Publisher : SyLo

EAN : 9782956273202

Our eyes and our ability to see can be re-interrogated at any moment. How can a well-organized and successful life be turned upside down when the reference points change?

Price :  18.00

“In May 1989, I immersed myself in a first course of “Awareness through movement”, Feldenkrais Method, and my vision changed, my very limited sight became clearer despite a degenerative handicap. Above all, my vision of the world widened, and all my certainties and preconceived ideas were reversed. This testimony is based on letters that I wrote during a training course that allowed me to discover the incredible capacity for transformation that exists at the heart of every human being. These sensory-motor experiences took me on an eventful and life-changing journey. I talk about this journey in this book, and how this journey into the heart of movement led me to the work of sculpture, transformed my voice, my singing, and my attitude to listening to others. These personal discoveries seem to me today to speak of what we can all go through in a singular way with our priorities, our passions, our difficulties and our individual obstacles…” Sylvie Storme.