Nouvelles de danse n° 18 : Danse et théâtre

Language : French

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

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Nouvelles de danse n° 18: Danse et théâtre

“The relationship between dance and theater has emerged as a theme to be revisited today, in the light of the past, from the pen of the pioneers of modern theater and dance, from a historical perspective and from the point of view of current Belgian creators.

This is an attempt to overcome the confusion that is emerging at a time when the boundaries between these two arts seem to be becoming blurred. Strangely enough, it’s mainly theater people who, for once, have been given the floor in Nouvelles de danse, as if better redefining the essence of theater were a condition for being able to talk about its relationship to the body, to movement, and to dance.

From the editorial by Patricia Kuypers, January 1994.

With an introduction by Laurence Louppe, texts by Vsevolod Meyerhold (L’acteur du futur), Rudolf Laban (Le mouvement, l’acte, le théâtre), Jerzy Grotowski (Vers un théâtre pauvre), V. Gert (Dancing), J. Monsieur (D’un corps à l’autre), P. Tison (Des gestes et des mots), Patrick Bonte (Le théâtredanse, refus et intentions), A. Gélinas (Je pratique un art frontière), an interview on Kurt Jooss’s dancetheatre with his daughter Anne Markard, and an interview with Jan Decorte.

This issue also features a carte blanche by Alain Populaire.