Mudra 103 rue Bara. L’école de Maurice Béjart, 1970-1988

Authors : Dominique Genevois

Language : FR

Topics : History and theory

Number of pages : 448

Publisher : Contredanse Editions

Year of publication : 2016

EAN : 9782930146393

Price :  28.00

Dominique Genevois, a former student of Mudra and a dancer with the Ballet du XXe siècle, describes the eighteen years of Maurice Béjart’s school and its innovative teaching, where dance, theater, singing and yoga are all combined. The author also looks at the personalities who shaped Mudra, its administrative team, its international teachers and its students who became major players in creation and teaching. Illustrated with period photographs and unpublished archives, this fascinating portrait brings to life the great artistic and human adventure that was Mudra.

Forewords by Maguy Marin and Barbara Hassel-Szternfeld.