Matières vivantes

Danses-écritures en processus

By : Marian Del Valle

Language : French

Format : Book

Number of pages : 288 pages

Publisher : Rhuthmos

EAN : 979-1095155140

Layers of texts, of time, have been deposited. The process of research, marked out by a multiplicity of moments of writing, gave place to an accumulation of seizures of the present. Sedimented presents became fragments of the past or projects of the future.

Price :  32.00

“The cohabitation of different temporalities rests on an unstable balance: between a time that unfolds following a trajectory and a multiplicity of other times that interfere, overlap, and juxtapose: the present of reflection, of rereading, the moment retained in a testimony or in a trace, the times of other people’s voices, the digressions. In search of a present to seize, to capture, to reactivate, I wrote in vertigo, relying on the incessant flow of time, living it with intensity, like a dancer who embraces the instability of the moment to risk new imbalances. This present has become a living matter, an infinite reserve of impulses.” Marian del Valle.

Marian del Valle is a dance researcher. Her artistic practice and her research concern contemporary forms of dance-writing. She teaches in various art schools and universities, mainly in France and Belgium. She is currently responsible for research at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque in Brussels.


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