Le S de l’ange

Souvenirs et Suites

Language : French

Topics : Writings by artists

Format : Book, Card Game

Number of pages : 298 pages

Publisher : made with heART asbl

Year of publication : 2021

EAN : 978-2-9602833-0-3

A hybrid work, between documentary traces and art and essay texts, Le S de l’ange, Souvenirs et Suites is accompanied by a board game and stimulates the desire to fly in the footsteps of Vaslav Nijinsky (1889-1950), virtuoso dancer and avant-garde choreographer of the Ballets Russes who was diagnosed as schizophrenic.

Price :  28.00

“As a multidisciplinary artist interested in research, this singular writing exercise runs through the questions that have been running through me in recent years around Nijinsky’s Angel Leap, his diary and his schizophrenia. By crossing the views of therapists, the testimonies of the time, and my own experiences, I lead you to Nijinsky, his madness and that of the world, mixing fiction and reality. I update a key moment in the history of ballet while demystifying schizophrenia. The format remains experimental, non-academic, but with a scientific, artistic and sometimes playful approach, preserving a certain intimate relationship with Nijinsky. It is about dance, madness, love, violence… “. Mathilde Laroque.