Contact Improvisation Source Book

By : Collective publication

Language : English

Topics : Technics and practices

Number of pages : 280 pages

Publisher : Contact Editions

Year of publication : 1997

EAN : 978-0-937645-12-3

Under one cover, you will find the articles, letters, essays, interviews, discussion, drawings, and photos that fed the development of the practice, teaching, and performance of CI in the U.S. and abroad. An indispensable resource for dance students, teachers, and practitioners of CI to experience the roots and track the development of the practice and philosophy of this influential contemporary dance form.

Price :  35.00

This is the first volume of writings reprinted from Contact Quarterly dance journal concerning the practice of contact improvisation, a dance form initiated by American dancer Steve Paxton in 1972, and now practiced by dancers and movement enthusiasts worldwide. It covers the formative years of the form, from CQ’s birth as a newsletter amongst the pioneering practitioners of CI in 1975 through its seventeenth volume as a dance journal covering myriad developments of improvisational and experimental dance.

Collected Writings and Graphics from Contact Quarterly dance journal 1975-1992.
Editors: Lisa Nelson & Nancy Stark Smith.

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