Chercher avec l’aventure de L’L depuis les arts vivants.

Fascicule 1. La singulière aventure de L’L.

By : Pierre Boitte

Language : French

Topics : Pedagogy and transmission

Number of pages : 140 pages

Publisher : L’L éditions

Year of publication : 2021

EAN : 978-2-9601533-5-4

This first instalment sets out to let us hear the voice of L’L  and to present the activities of this Brussels cultural project, which is devoted to exploration in the performing arts.

Book in french, also available in English here.


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How has this radical idea, of exploring for exploration’s sake, informed a practice of experimentation and learning? What have its effects and consequences been? This text offers an initial way of answering those questions. Later instalments will take up the themes presented here and will extend and expand them.

Following his earlier training in sociology and philosophy and after obtaining a doctorate in public health and bioethics, Pierre Boitte pursued an academic career in healthcare ethics and clinical ethics.

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