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    Traces of the online event “Un zeste de somatiques”

    From body to consciousness, from page to practice

    Standing. Breathing. Walking. A priori nothing more simple but nevertheless… these activities are at the heart of our lives, of our dances, and participate in defining their qualities. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the industrial era and technological developments have put our bodies to a severe challenge. In response to these stakes and to the awakening of a body awareness, many practices have emerged: Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais method, Rolfing®, Body-Mind Centering®… Each of them offers, with its own specificities, a learning framework to engage an inner dialogue between body and consciousness, in movement and in an environment.

    Over more than thirty years, Contredanse has published several articles, books and audio-visual documents presenting different approaches in somatic education, their history, connexions and affinities. Contredanse Documentation Centre has patiently acquired an invaluable collection of books, magazines and audio-visual documents on these practices. Still sometimes misunderstood or lacking in visibility, it seemed important to us to return to one of the grounds of contemporary dance which questions the intelligence of our bodies and our individual and collective functioning.


    Through this cycle of online events, authors and/or practitioners present their practice and share a sensitive experience, in connection with books published by Contredanse Editions.


    Traces and recordings :




    In the frame of Brussels, dance !

    Credit for the visual : Yu Matsuoka


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