Anna Halprin – Dancing Life / Danser la vie

Authors : Anna Halprin, Baptiste Andrien, Florence Corin

Language : EN, FR

Translation : Denise Luccioni

Topics : History and theory

Publisher : Editions Contredanse

Price :  25.00

Since the 1950s, American dancer Anna Halprin has been shaking up the field of dance, linking creation to the community, the environment and the Earth. Through a workshop filmed in its entirety, as well as numerous archives and previously unpublished interviews, the choreographer and teacher presents her artistic and biographical journey, as well as an application of the methods she developed under the name of Life / Art Process. This interactive DVD-Rom, more than six hours long, allows you to discover and deepen your understanding of Anna Halprin’s work and teaching.

Warning: The DVD-ROM no longer works on the latest versions of MacOS Catalina, Mojave, Big Sur and Monterey; it works fine on Windows and older versions of MacOS. We are currently developing an online version (2022). Any purchase of the DVD-ROM will give you access to this online publication. An activation code will be provided on the DVD-ROM.